G      A       D       G A           D

Author of salvation                   Your kingdom can't be shaken

G                A Bm                   G A D

Fulfilling every promise                        Our only righteousness


          Bm   A D  

What depths of unmatched love

     Bm      A D

To give Your life for us

    Em D   G

We eagerly await


The coming of our King


D                                      G

Crowned with glory and   honor

     Bm                      A

Yesterday  today and forever

D                         G

All the earth will sing unto You

Bm     A   D

 A    victory   song


Bm      A D

Bm      A G

Bm      A D

    G        A D                       G A D     

You remember our sins no more   By you death has been destroyed

               G A           Bm  G A D

Through Your blood shed on that tree            Now You reign in victory


Em                        Bm

Jesus You are the radiance of God

G                   A

All hail Your majesty

Em             Bm G           A

Jesus You are the radiance of God

    Em       Bm A

All hail Your majesty