Why plant churches?

As believers in Christ, we are called to unity in the Body of Christ. We believe the church is the primary vehicle for displaying the fullness of Him who fills all in all (Ephesians 1:22-23). The following reasons capture our beliefs for planting churches.

A church body displays unity in diversity, the very heart of the Trinity.

We understand that no two people are built identically; and we best celebrate our diversity through unity in Christ. We believe a new church is the most effective way of engaging the priesthood of all believers— for the building up and strengthening of the body collectively and all its members.

We believe churches cultivate the children of God to live lives on God’s mission.

Although there are many pictures of the church in the Bible, we believe the primary one is as a community on mission, proclaiming and understanding the message of reconciliation to God through Jesus. Because Jesus himself made disciples and directly commissions all believers to go and make disciples, the vision is for every believer to embrace God’s mission and be a disciple-making disciple. A church body empowered by the Spirit galvanizes and shepherds all of God’s people to live on mission together.

A new church holistically approaches all spheres of brokenness.

We know the blood of Christ covers the effects of sin on His people. However, the effects of sin on relationships requires nurture toward health. The church reminds those reconciled to God through Christ of the reconciliation between His followers.


We celebrate the five “Solas” of the Reformation

  1. Sola Scriptura. Scripture alone is the standard.
  2. Sola Christo. We are saved by Christ’s work alone.
  3. Sola Gratia. We are saved by grace alone.
  4. Sola Fide. We are justified by faith alone.
  5. Sola Deo Gloria. To God alone be the glory.


Gospel-centered refers to the biblical philosophy of ministry of keeping the message of the Gospel at the center of all ministry, whether to believers or unbelievers. Belief in the Gospel is the means by which we enter God’s kingdom, and also how we make all progress in the Kingdom. The good news of the Gospel – that we can be saved from the wrath of God - contains both the power and motivation for salvation and everything within salvation. We desire our members to increasingly believe and apply the Gospel to every area of their lives.


We believe in an eager and intelligent pursuit of the presence, power, fruit and all the gifts of God’s Spirit as mentioned in the Bible, and to heed the biblical call to be filled with the Spirit, and remain filled, throughout our walk with Jesus.


Convinced that God intends churches to be outward-looking mission agencies, both locally and globally, and all believers to be fishers of men, we desire to equip and inspire our members to win people to Christ, and for our church community to be on mission more broadly in terms of society-serving initiatives and planting churches.


Because Jesus Himself made disciples and commissioned all believers to make disciples, the goal is for every believer to become a disciple-making disciple. We desire to actively make disciple-making disciples who know, love and obey Jesus. Courses and tools might help, but discipleship happens via intentional relationships, as well as via small groups that prioritize this.


We believe that churches should be led by a called and capable team of elders with a “first among equals” leader, who lovingly guard, guide and govern the church. Elders are the highest human authority over a local church. We encourage elders to be helped in fulfilling their calling through connection with the broader body of Christ through trans-local ministers.

Authentic Relationships

The New Testament shows believers in genuine relationship with each other, with the prevailing metaphor for the church being that of family. We desire to be a loving family-like community, meeting publicly and in smaller groups, sharing and caring for each other’s spiritual and material needs.

Passionate Worship

Both the Old and New Testaments portray worship as a vital and joyful privilege of God’s people. We desire to be a church where God’s presence is prized and where God is enthusiastically worshipped in a God-centered manner, with genuine freedom.

Devoted to Prayer

Prayer is one of our highest privileges and a vital spiritual discipline. Prayer keeps us peaceful and effective, and acknowledges our total dependence on God. We desire to be a church that teaches its members how to pray, and provide regular contexts for prayer.

Building Healthy Families

We desire to be a church where biblical family life is valued, where we have strong and healthy Gospel-centered marriages, where godly parenting is taught and practiced, and where the value of singleness and its unique opportunities are affirmed. We believe that parents are primarily responsible for leading their children, engaging them in all aspects of church and spiritual life, and valuing devotion to prayer and Scripture in the home and that the church and its community are to come alongside parents and families, equipping and aiding in the discipleship of the children in the church.